Do you want to die tonight, Lucas?
Wildeye to Lucas

Wildeye is the main antagonistic figure in the Killing 101 franchise. It is revealed in Killing 102: Cult of Wildeye that there are multiple Wildeyes, one of them being Will Lewis, who was originally found by Lucas Jones to kill his ex-girlfriend. The other identities of Wildeye are unknown as they prefer to be kept secret.

Wildeye's stunt scenes are performed by Daniel Viglietti and Julian Viglietti.


Killing 101

Lucas Jones invites internet user Will Lewis to his house to interview him to be a Serial Killer. Lucas' main intention is to have Will kill his ex-girlfriend Ashley and ex-best friend Paul after Ashley cheated on Lucas with Paul. Lucas and Will discuss the murder and Lucas gives Will a "Jason" mask. before travelling to Paul's and Will kills him as Lucas records audio for his diary. Lucas and Will return to Lucas' where Lucas tries to get Will to take off his mask. A struggle ensures after Will declines and Lucas forces the mask off. Will leaves, exclaiming that he'll "regret that". Later that night when Lucas is working on his diary. Will returns in his Smiling Man mask and taunts Lucas before breaking in and attempting to kill him. Unreleased footage shows that Lucas was able to overpower him and shoot him in the head before leaving to call the police.

Killing 102: Cult of Wildeye

Lucas is browsing a website dedicated to Wildeye when he receives a call taunting him about his return. Lucas has no idea what to think and when he hears noises outside he ventures out, but finds nothing. Lucas gets back into his house and receives another threatening text before he decides to call the police. During his call, Smiling Man Wildeye emerges and intimidates him before throwing a knife into the bench top and chasing Lucas into the Dining Room where "Jason Wildeye" knocks him down with a machete. Jason leaves the job for Smiling Man and says he'll be "waiting downstairs". Smiling Man stabs Lucas and takes off his mask before leaving him to die. A few hours later, Lucas, who is just barely alive tries to grab the ringing phone but when he gets it, it loses battery. One of the Wildeyes, presumably Smiling Man, re-enters the Dining Room and takes the phone and the mask and leaves the house, leaving Lucas to die once more.

Killing 103: Endgame

Killing 103: Endgame

Lucas Jones receives a FaceTime call from an Unknown Number and when he answers it's his partner Wildeye, who he has hired to kill Daniel Viglietti. Wildeye appears in the room and they discuss their plans before Wildeye leaves to kill Daniel. Lucas later leaves his room and bumps into another Wildeye who he believes to be his, but it turns out he is a different killer who knocks him out.

Killing 101: The TV Series

The TV Killer calls and taunts Lucas before barging into his game room and attacking him.


Lucas seems to have the primary relationship with Wildeye, originally as a friend who he wanted to be his serial killer to kill his ex-girlfriend and best friend. But they soon became enemies as Lucas tries to learn his true identity and thus was almost murdered. Lucas is then attacked but a new pair of Wildeye's but their attempt fails again. Lucas is the only one who has seen the face of 2 of the 3 Wildeye's who have been present, them being Will Lewis and Smiling Man, whose identity is still unknown.


  • Killing 101
  • Killing 102
  • Killing 102: Cult of Wildeye
  • Killing 103: Endgame
  • Killing 101: Origins of Wildeye


  • Paul Wilson: While his death is never actually shown, it can be said that Paul was stabbed repeteadly.
  • Ashley Cartwright: While her death was never planned and wasn't shown, it has been said that Ashley came upon Wildeye killing Paul thus he slit her throat before he could get away.
  • Lucas Jones: Lucas is Wildeye's primary target. Originally friends, Wildeye turned on Lucas after he learned of his identity. Both of Wildeye's attempts to kill Lucas have failed.
  • Will Lewis: It is said that Will was setup by another Wildeye to be killed.


  • Will Lewis: The first Wildeye hired by Lucas Jones to kill his ex-best friend Paul Wilson. It was revealed that Will Lewis was Daniel Viglietti's cousin and that Daniel set it up with him to go after Lucas.
  • Daniel Viglietti: The second revealed Wildeye, Daniel was the one under the mask in Killing 102: Cult of Wildeye along with his brother Julian Viglietti who was wearing the Jason Mask.
  • Julian Viglietti: Wore the Jason Mask in Cult of Wildeye and was also under the Smiling Man Mask for Daniel in Killing 103: Endgame.
  • Will Stevenson: Writer and Director of the Killing 101: TV Series, he wore the TV Wildeye mask and attacked Daniel Viglietti and Lucas Jones
  • Unknown Person: Wore the Smiling Man Mask for Lucas in Killing 103: Endgame.
  • The Leader: The main figure behind the Wildeye killings who uses Daniel as his pawn.


  • Machete: Primary weapon of choice used by Wildeye. Used to kill Paul Wilson and Ashley Cartwright as well as injure Lucas Jones.
  • Kitchen Knife: Used to taunt Lucas Jones and stab him. Primary weapon used by Smiling Man.
  • Gun: Used once by Wildeye, was stolen by Lucas to shoot and kill him.
  • Phone: A phone that has end-to-end encryption, a blocked number and is completely untraceable, making it the perfect choice for Wildeye to stay incognito. Allows him to send Unknown messages, and use the voice changer app.


  • GhostFace was also a choice to be Wildeye but Killing 102 production was shutdown.
  • Lucas Jones was the only person to know Wildeye's identity.
  • Wildeye is not a physical person rather being a persona adopted by multiple charcters.